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one is the banana diet food

food diet
November 24, 2014

food diet

one is the banana diet food

Banana is a type of fruit that can easily meet in Indonesia. Distinctive aroma and taste make it have its own fans.

As one type of fruit, of course, bananas are rich in health benefits for your body. Even bananas can be a diet food that you must add to your diet.

Here are the reasons why bananas can lose weight with success as reported from care2.com.

Bananas provide the amount of fructose or fruit sugar in it. These sugars can be absorbed by the body without the need for insulin so that it will not cause you to develop diabetes. Not only that, the fructose in bananas can improve the metabolic system in your small intestine.
A medium-sized banana has 110 calories, 30 grams carbohydrate, 3 grams fiber, 13% potassium and 15% of vitamin C. That's why eating bananas can put into your diet.
Not only ripe banana, half-ripe bananas are also able to support your diet program. Because this type bananas contain starch that is digested slowly in the body so it does not contribute additional calories. The content of probiotic bacteria in it can improve your digestive system.
Banana aroma characteristic has proven to be a natural appetite-suppressant. So it would not hurt if you inhale the aroma of bananas before eating.

If you are dieting, do not hesitate to incorporate bananas into your diet. Your diet becomes even more fun to eat bananas.

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