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how to lose weight naturally

how to lose weight naturally

Natural way to lose weight - Weight loss is a natural for mothers who are breast-feeding is not done in the extreme, but there are some tips that can be followed:

1. Diet guided by the rules of complete and balanced nutrition.
Mothers are advised to follow any particular diet or cut the number of calories in the extreme and avoid certain types of nutrients, such as not eating carbs or eating only high-protein such as the Atkin's diet. Why? This will affect the quantity (amount) and quality (quality) of breast milk produced.

A mother who is still breastfeeding even get an extra calories by 300 kcal in daily needs. The goal is that the mother's body can secrete milk with the quantity and quality suitable baby needs to grow and develop optimally.

But do not lose heart, because the breastfeeding mother's body will produce hormones that can help you lose weight and get back into shape naturally. There are some studies that say with breastfeeding, the body burns about 300-500 kcal / day which is equivalent to cycling for 1 hour.

2. Selection of the type of food more on vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, fat, skim and low-fat source of protein and plenty of fluids. Examples of skim milk or low fat milk, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, tempeh and nuts.

3. Avoid fast food (junk food), eat smaller portions and frequent (usually given in 6x administration by 3 x main meals such as breakfast - lunch - dinner and snack 3x), do not get a sense of tension or stress on food , but the switch to play with your baby or take the child walk around so contribute burning calories.

4. Exercise or physical activity should be done after completion of breastfeeding mothers to reduce discomfort in the breast and wear clothing that is specifically designed for women who are breastfeeding.

- Start with a light movement such as walking (if it is difficult to leave the baby, running activities can be done with the baby while soaking up the sun in the morning), cycling, swimming. All done as comfortable as possible for the mother. If it has been repeatedly done and feels comfortable, the intensity and duration of activity can be increased gradually. For example, start with exercises to strengthen the abdominal wall, etc.

- Try to do this activity together with other friends or in the health club, so as not to cause saturation. And do not forget to always drink enough fluids or water during activity.

If you still have not managed to do Weight reduction in the above manner, it never hurts to consult a physician nutrition nearby. Hope it is useful.

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